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About Care For Friends

At Care For Friends, we want to provide Chicago's unhoused with  hope for a lasting change in their lives.

We know that there are many organizations in Chicago that can affect the major causes of homelessness. Yet we also know that the identification requirements and other barriers to entry mean those organizations don't get to serve nearly as many folks as they'd like.

That's why we have focused on gathering a community - of housing & food insecure guests, volunteers, and partners - who come together for a regular meal that has no sign-in requirements or other "asks" of our members. Clothes are distributed, doctors visits happen, and relationships are built - including with new friends who can now be trusted to help improve the lives of those experiencing homelessness.


As a result of these interactions:

  • 50% of clients served by an affordable housing partner were met at Care For Friends gatherings. 78% of are now housed

  •  Graduates of a job skills partner program are now earning an average wage of $15.00/hour

  • 65% of our guests have now found a permanent medical home.

Here are some other details you may  be interested in:

If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness, you may also appreciate these resources:

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