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Connecting Chicago's Homeless With Housing Resources

At Care For Friends, we know that there are many homeless shelters in Chicago. Yet many simply provide a bed with no additional resources to get folks out of poverty. And those that do more often have sign-in requirements or other issues that are scary to Chicago's homless who may have feaars of authority, prior brushes with the law, or questionable immigration status.

Through our "no questions asked" community meals, Care For Friends creates a community around our guests who can serve as trusted entry points to programs that end homelessness. 

One organization reports that this unique approach is where they meet more than half of their clients - who are generally in permanent housing situations within 6 months of being introduced to the shelter's services. And they overwhelmingly remain housed when checked in on again a year later.

Here are some other success stories.

Dan Hula tells about a guest who didn't know his legal name, had no personal documents, or housing - and how an introduction via Care For Friends changed all of that.

"A Friend was imminently losing his housing for non-payment at the Wilson Men's Hotel, and it subsequently was sold. He has now obtained subsidized housing. He reports better sleep and reduced stress, and he appears much healthier! He stays in touch with the guys at Care For Friends."

- Caseworker who attends our community meals, about her interaction with one guest.

Joe describes the many places he slept before achieving permanent housing through Care For Friend's housing partner - including one memorable night curled up with two raccoons.

You can help Care For Friends continue to make a difference in the lives of Chicago's homeless. Click the button below:

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