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Opportunities for Individuals To Volunteer

We are seeking volunteers to prepare and serve a hot meal to homeless and vulnerable people on Community Day Thursdays and Saturdays.

If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer, we have a place for you to cook and serve!

Preparation begins at 9:00am and we serve at noon. This is a great opportunity to
cook for, and converse with a deserving community of people, and see the tangible
benefit that your volunteering brings to them.

Typical CFF hot meal schedule:

  • Mondays COS parishioner group + Catherine Cook student servers

  • Corporate Thursday CSR groups

  • Thursday Community Days

  • Saturday Longstanding Teams

  • 4th/5th Saturday Community Days

We are seeking volunteers to assist with our initiative programs beyond the kitchen, these include:

Foot Care Clinic, this program is essential for our guests who rarely change their shoes and socks - third Saturday and final Monday on a monthly basis

Screening Clinic, non-clincial and clinical volunteers work to create a healthcare home for basic check ups that is not the emergency room - second Saturday of every month (requires orientation)

Clothing Initiative (Mondays/Thursdays 10-12pm)

Personal Care Item Initiative - Mondays (10-11:30am)

Student Volunteer Partners: hot meal tasks, admin tasks, and social media promotion tasks - Monday-Thursday 9-12pm (requires orientation)

Saturday Sup-porters, pairs of volunteers complete essential tasks: activity center, supplies and organization, socializing with guests, serving meal and clean up - Periodic Saturdays 9-1pm

(requires orientation)


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