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Our Vision

Shaping a future where access to food, housing, and healthcare is the reality for all.

Our Mission

As a community hub, we tackle Chicago’s food, housing and healthcare crises through an all-inclusive, no questions asked approach to providing easy access to critical resources.  We aim to earn the trust of our guests and break down the barriers preventing them from connecting to the services they need. 


In just one visit to Care for Friends, our guests can receive a nutritious meal, access to housing assistance, primary healthcare, clothing, toiletries, groceries, and case management in a warm and safe environment.  Whether they need everything we offer or just a supplement, we are here for our guests to help them achieve and sustain a better life.

We believe:


  • Every human deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

  • Basic needs should be accessible in a world of abundance.

  • A better world is worth the investment.

  • Authentic human connection leads to lasting trust.

  • Empowerment leads to opportunity which can transform lives.

Our Values

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