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Domestic Violence And Homelessness - by Maleek Ratliff

Connection Between DV And Homelessness

Experiencing domestic violence can occur among people who experience homelessness. In some cases it causes an individual to become homeless because they have become dependent on their abuser. There are homeless programs put in place for survivors of domestic violence, who are seeking a safe place to stay after being involved in an abusive relationship. These programs are usually filled with people who lack the financial resources to sustain or secure housing after leaving an unhealthy relationship. Women are more likely to experience domestic violence, whether they are housed or unhoused, and therefore they are more likely to experience homelessness due to domestic violence.

Women Experiencing Domestic Violence

Women of all income levels experience domestic violence, but research shows that women who are considered low-income experience domestic violence at higher rates. This is because poverty makes it more difficult for women to leave abusive relationships and limits their choices. Domestic violence abusers use violence as a strategy to gain control of victims in hopes of isolating them from support systems. The outcome of isolating a victim of domestic violence is to prevent them from leaving because they don’t have anyone to run to for that much needed support. It is the duty of those who are close to the abuser or victim to report to the authorities if they suspect someone is being abused mentally or physically; doing so could potentially save a life.

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