Sleepout Concern: I Don't Like Camping

When we talk with folks about joining us for the Sleepout, they sometimes tell us that they don't like camping. I'll let you in on a secret. Neither do I.

But the Sleepout for Homelessness isn't really camping. "Glamping," maybe, but I think of it more like an all night party. Yes, there are tents to sleep in (which volunteers put up and take down for you). But there are also campfires, tons of hot beverages and snacks to eat all night long.

Folks bring instruments to play and sing songs around the campfire, there's a great lineup of speakers and entertainment, and you're likely to meet new friends. In fact, Executive Director Hope Pavich reports that she brought her boyfriend to her first Sleepout, and by the time her second rolled around, he was her fiancee!

The fun is capped off with a sunrise brunch - a great, hot meal that provides a perfect cap to a perfect evening.

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