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Sleepout Concern: I'm Anxious About Fundraising

When we talk with folks about joining us for the Sleepout, they sometimes have some concerns they need addressed before committing to the event. A common one is anxiety around asking folks for money.

As an organizer of the event, I can tell you that it is just as much about raising awareness as it is about raising money - so even if the only thing you did was to show up and sleep, you'd be doing good.

Plus, I know that's not all that you will do. All we ask is that you create a fundraising page, and share the link to iton whatever social media you use, or send it in an email to your friends. We've even developed a fundraising media kit with pre-written messages, photos, and videos that you can use - simply copy and paste, add your link, and you're done!

And here's another little secret - your friends, family, and coworkers are way more generous than you think! In some of the early years of the sleepout, we consdered asking sleepers to commit to fundraising minimums. But we found that as soon as they shared their fundraising link with others, they quickly surpassed any minimum amount we would have asked for.

So today, we just give you a suggested amount to try to raise. We're sure you'll get there easily, but if you don't - no worries! We'd still like to have you join the party.

Have other questions or concerns? Check out the rest of our Pro Tips.

Ready to sign up? Do that here!

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