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Youth Homelessness by Mia Sostrin

When someone thinks about homelessness, your mind normally gravitates to the

average adult population experiencing homelessness but a lot of people forget that

younger adults and even minors under the age of eighteen experience homelessness

as well.

Young people experience homelessness for all kinds of reasons. One cause of

being homeless could be that their families were abusive to them. This can be in the

form of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. When most people think about abuse they

normally think of the first two but emotional abuse is extremely real as well. It's the

same reason domestic violence is so dangerous even when there is no physical abuse.

When there is emotional abuse in the home as a child eventually the child will

breakdown and not be able to take the abuse anymore.

Youth can also become displaced and end up homeless if their parents or guardians kick them out for one reason or another. Some other reasons young people end up homeless are dealing with neglect. And lastly most youth who have stayed in shelters state that family conflict is the most common cause of being displaced.

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