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At Care For Friends, we want to provide Chicago's homeless with more than a handout. We want to give them hope for a lasting change in their lives.

There are many organizations in Chicago that try to address the major causes of homelessness. Yet to comply with government funding or other reporting requirements, many services come have identification requirements and other barriers to entry that keep a lot of homeless folks from trying to access services - and those organizations don't get to serve nearly as many folks as they'd like.

Care for Friends solves that problem by assembling a community - of homeless folks, volunteers, and partners - who come together around a no-questions-asked hot meal, after-school program, medical clinic, or food pantry that has no sign-in requirements for the guests we serve. Clothes are distributed, doctors visits happen, and relationships are built - including with new friends who can now be trusted to help improve the lives of our homeless.

These wraparound services allow us to develop relatoinships with our guests - who then trust us to refer them to housing agencies (especially Lincoln Park Community Services), job training programs (including Streetwise), substance abuse counsellors (many), medical practitioners, and other agencies who will ultimately get them out of homelessness (see list of partner agencies here).


As a result of these interactions:

  • Over 13,000 homeless Chicagoans receive a hot meal, food pantry basket, after-school/college prep service, or doctor visit annually.

  • 50% of clients served by an affordable housing partner were met at Care For Friends gatherings. 78% of are now housed

  •  Graduates of a job skills partner program are now earning an average wage of $12.38/hour, for an average of 38 hours work per week

  • 60% of our guests have now found a permanent medical home.


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