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Care for Friends Capital Campaign

After over one hundred years of heavy use, many parts of our current building are showing signs of wear and have passed their natural end of life. Working in partnership with Church of Our Saviour, we now have an opportunity to replace the aging hall and help secure the future of the programming of Care for Friends.


Why A New Building?

1. Care for Friends has grown exponentially throughout our 55 year existence and we require more space  for our health, clothing, hygiene, and food programs.

2. The current building is of pre-civil war construction and has fire code and compliance issues, typical of a building of its age.

3. There has been increased demand to provide space for more community outreach programs. This new building will provide a safe structure and perfect setting for these events.

Key Benefits

1. There will be dedicated areas for our kitchen, pantry, health clinics, toiletries, and clothing.

2. A new building provides an opportunity for growth in community programming & outreach.

3. Care for Friends remains in Lincoln Park - its home since 1968.


Why Care for Friends?


*Over 65,000 Chicagoans experienced homelessness in 2020. Many are barred from crucial services if they stay with others, also known as “doubling up.”


Care For Friends works toward a future in which access to food, housing and healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and
safety and wellness are the reality for all in our community.

Our "zero barrier to entry" policy allows anyone to access crucial services - regardless of official housing or immigration status. We work directly with teachers to identify students most in need of CFF support.

Our support services allow guests to channel their resources into housing, so they do not risk eviction.


                                                                                                                          Source: Chicago Coalition for the Homeless                  

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