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We are so thrilled that you are joining our Sleepout!  As you work on your fundraising for the event, we've assembled some pre-written messages, a bunch of images, and videos that can be easily shared on social media or re-used in some other way.  

You'll find everything you need below.  


Be creative!  If possible, try to include the hashtag #CFFSleeps in everything you do.

Download Images

Videos To Share:    

          Why Sleepout:

          Countdown to Sleepout:

800 Students Stay In School Because of CFF Sleeps:


Donors Talk About Why They Supported Sleepout

Sleepout Supports 15,000 Guests This Year:


Medill 90 Second Documentary on Sleepout

One Night ...

Needy Served Dignity ... and a Route To A Better Life

Angie Built An Igloo To Sleep In

Download Messages

Sleepout For Homelessness
Fundraising Kit


Lighting The Path Home

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