Sleepout For Homelessness: Outdoor Sleepers

7pm - February 19th, 2021

Keep The Home Fires Burning

Thanks for registering for Sleepout 2021!  Here are the details you need to know about the event.


We are sad to report that due to COVID restrictions, we can't host sleepers in tents at our location this year.  We will still have a brief outdoor event at 7pm, which will also be streamed online. You will receive a link closer to the date with those details. 

We also know that some participants would like to raise support by sleeping out in their own backyard, back porch, or other safe, secure location they have access to.  Here are some tips and tricks:


  • We've created a fundraising media kit that includes pre-made videos, messages, and photos all ready for you to use to solicit donations from your supporters. Feel free to create your own, too. Get creative! 

  • The hashtag #CFFSleeps will be used for the event - use it in your social media presence to let others know about your participation.


If you have found a safe place to sleep outside, we strongly encourage:

    • Multiple layers of warm clothing, including hats, gloves, and boots.

    • A sleeping bag (ideally rated for 0 degrees weather)

    • A sleeping pad (get your bag a few inches off the ground)

    • A blanket or two to wrap over your sleeping bag

    • A tent or other enclosure to reflect heat back to you, and block wind, rain, etc.

    • Bring a friend or companion who can watch out for you. Sleep in shifts - one awake, one sleeping - so you can stay alert all night.

    • Go back inside if you're feeling unwell, unsafe, or too cold. Sleepout is more about raising awareness for Chicago's most vulnerable than it is making yourself as vulnerable as the homeless. 

There will be fire tenders onsite at 530 W. Fullerton from 7pm until sunrise, in case you'd like to stop by to  light a candle from our bonfire, too. 

And Also ...

Local businesses have had a particularly difficult time this year with pandemic-related reductions in regulations.

We've partnered with two family-owned businesses who are offering unique sleepout packages on Feburary 19th.


A portion of your purchase is tax-deductible and supports Chicago's homeless, while a portion benefits a Chicago business.

Check out a private greenhouse dinner opportunity, a takeout dinner for 4, and a package of chocolate-dipped S'Mores

See the Offers!

Friday 7:00 pm      Fire Lighting with                                         Secret Special Guest
                               (online streaming, too)

Friday 7:15 pm      Speakers share how                                    Care For Friends has                                    changed their lives

Frirday 7:45 pm    S'Mores and Hot                                          Chocolate Around                                        The Campfire

Fire Tenders Take Shifts

Keeping the Fire Burning
all night.


Community members invited to come light a candle from our fire, and shine in a window at home as a beacon of hope.