Sleepout For Homelessness
7pm - February 19th, 2021

Keep The Home Fires Burning

Over 86,000 Chicagoans have no place to call home each night – including over 18,000 CPS Students.  This year, as the rest of the city sheltered in place from Coronavirus, more homeless folks than ever showed up at Care For Friends, looking for help. 


This winter, we invite you to join us in showing your support by helping us to KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING for them. 


We will gather in person and online at 7pm to light the campfire that traditionally starts our Sleepout for Homelessness. But this year, instead of sleeping around that fire for 12 hours, we will carry it out into the city, where our friends and supporters are committing to keeping a candle lit in their window until midnight, showing that when we all work together, we can make the world a brighter and warmer place for the most vulnerable.  

There are FOUR great ways to participate:

Be a Fire Spreader:  Come by and light a candle from our campfire. Hear our speakers, enjoy some socially distanced smores and hot cocoa, and take your candle home to spread the light throughout Chicago. (This will also be streamed online for COVID-safe participation)

Be a Fire Spotter: Help us find glimmers of hope in your community! We'll send you a list of scavenger-hunt questions to answer ("where would a homeless person sleep tonight?," "where could they use the bathroom?" etc.). Sometime during the evening, you'll explore your neighborhood, take photos of your answers and post to social media. Ask friends for support via your personal fundraising page (but no fundraising minimum is required).

Be a Fire Tender: Sign up for a 30-minute timeslot during the night to make sure our fire keeps burning. With social distancing, there will be only a handful of firetenders on site at any one time. Ask friends for support via your personal fundraising page (but no fundraising minimum is required).

Sleepout All Night: Our classic option - but while COVID prevents us from having you sleep in a tent around our campfire, you'll make your own plans to spend a night in an outdoor space you identify on your own. Ask friends for support via your personal fundraising page (but no fundraising minimum is required).

Friday 7:00 pm    Online Event, Including:

                                  Fire Lighting by  

                                  NFL Linebacker 

                                  Whitney Mercilus

                                  Stories of Hope


                                 How CFF is helping

                                 the homeless amidst

                                 the pandemic

                                 A history of help for

                                 the most at-risk, from

                                 the protests of 1968

                                 to today.

Frirday 7:45 pm    S'Mores and Hot                                          Chocolate Around                                        The Campfire

Fire Tenders Take Shifts

Keeping the Fire Burning
all night.


Community members invited to come light a candle from our fire, and shine in a window at home as a beacon of hope.

And Also ...

Local businesses have had a particularly difficult time this year with pandemic-related reductions in regulations.

We've partnered with two family-owned businesses who are offering unique sleepout packages on Feburary 19th.


A portion of your purchase is tax-deductible and supports Chicago's homeless, while a portion benefits a Chicago business.

Check out a private greenhouse dinner opportunity, a takeout dinner for 4, and a package of chocolate-dipped S'Mores

See the Offers!