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When we talk with folks about joining us for the Sleepout, they sometimes have some concerns they need addressed before committing to the event.

We gave the top concerns to a veteran sleeper - JD Miller - who has participated in every sleepout since 2016.

Here are the top questions, and JD's answers.

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Won't It Be Cold?

Heck no! Read why that's more a marketing message than anything else. Volunteers have put a lot of things in place to keep you warm - and there are great indoor options, too.

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I'm Anxious About Fundraising

You don't need to be. Just being present at the event would be enough. And if we can encourage you to send a single email or post a single link on social media (we've pre-written content for you), you'll be surprised at how generous your friends are.

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I Don't Like Camping

To be honest, neither do I.  But Sleepout isn't really camping - or even really "glamping." It's way more fun than that.

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Sleepout For Homelessness
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Lighting The Path Home

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