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Thanks for Sharing Care Cards!

On behalf of the tens of thousands of Chicagoans who experience homelessness, we want to thank you for requesting and using our Care Cards.

At Care For Friends, we get a regular flow of guests each week who first learned about our hot lunch program because someone like you cared enough to give them a card out on the street.

Once there, our guests are connected with people who can provide housing, job training, and medical care that supports sober mental and physical health. 

Did you know you can support a homeless person on this journey for as little as $8 per month?

By giving a homeless person a Care Card, you've invited them to begin a journey to a new life. And for just $8, we can help them continue that journey with a once-a-week meal and connection with folks who provide housing, job training, and care for sober mental and physical health.

To sponsor a homeless guest in this journey to a new life, please complete the form below

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