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Chuval Adams, Peace Officer & Delivery Manager

Seasoned in de-escalation practices, Chuval Adams is disciplined and always finds ways to be helpful to others. Before he became a professional barber, he studied psychology. He hopes to one day intertwine his barber skills with non-profit work serving the under privileged.


Passionate about  social services, he mentored at risk youth with special needs before finding his home with Care for Friends. Chuval spends his spare time taking care of his family and looking for new ways to put a smile on people’s faces.

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Marcos Alvarado, Programs Manager

Marcos is a recent Public Relations graduate from Bradley University. Originally from Blue Island, Marcos began his love for Non-Profit work at age 10 when he first volunteered at his local Blue Cap. Since then, his academic efforts have focused on community outreach, communication, and involvement. While in school, Marcos served as a programs intern at The Peoria Riverfront Museum. Before finding his home at Care For Friends, Marcos worked as a Youth Support Specialist at Aunt Martha's Health and Wellness in Hyde Park, providing care for children aged 10-21 with behavior and developmental disabilities within the DCFS system.


Troy Garcia, Social Support Intern 

Troy Garcia. A 27 year old Navy Reservist from the Chicagoland area, who has spent 6 years on active duty in the Navy where he was stationed in Florida, Bahrain(Middle East) and California. After transitioning to the Navy Reserves to pursue his college education, he has spent a total of 3 year in the reserves. He is a Social Work Major at Northeastern Illinois University, that graduates in Spring of 2023 and has plans to pursue his Master’s degree in Social Work as well. After competing school, he wants to either open a non profit that focuses on rehousing individuals that are currently experiencing homelessness or work in a correctional facility providing transitional counseling in hopes of lowering the recidivism rate in Illinois.


Hope Pavich, Executive Director

Hope has dedicated her career to working in the Chicago nonprofit sector. Prior to Care For Friends, she worked as a Program Director at Greenheart Travel, where she was responsible for the oversight, growth and development of international youth programs. 

As a Program Coordinator at Vietnamese Migrant Workers and Brides Office, Hope worked with partner organizations and government officials to research, develop and facilitate recreational programs for victims of human trafficking in shelters and detention centers.  

Her interest in working with Chicago communities began when she first started working at the Marriott Foundation. With them, she worked with Chicago Public Schools, Chicago employers, and inner-city youth, as well as conducted client recruitment and managed the WIA grant database. 

Hope received her Bachelor's degree (BA) from St. Norbert College (2004), and her Masters degree (MA) from the School for International Training (2010) with a concentration in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management.

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