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University of Kentucky student's day of service

Thank you everyone who came to help prepare, cook, and serve hot meal to 60 of our guests! We are so grateful you were able to join us despite the crazy rain. We hope you choose to come back if you return for another spring break of service! 

It really means a lot that you were all willing to spend your break serving our local community. Here at Care for Friends we are enthusiastic about and encourage our volunteers to just jump in and socialize and help all of our guests,  you all did an amazing job. Morag doesn't usually work with outside groups but she had a great time talking with you about our operations and the church itself. Thank you for playing chess, helping out with clothes, cooking, serving, and going over the top with cleaning up.  

Here are some on the go photos taken on your day of service. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @CareForFriends 

UK (7)
UK (6)
UK (4)
UK (5)
UK (3)
UK (2)
UK (10)
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