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At Care For Friends, we are particularly aware that while the number of individuals experiencing homelessness in Chicago is down 10% year over year, the City of Chicago reported a 10% increase in the number of veterans experiencing homelessness in the last CCH study.

State resources are scare, placing Illinois as one of the top seven states with the largest homeless population.  In fact, while veterans represent only 8% of the total US population, they make up 30% of the homeless population.

Yet, at Care For Friends, we’ve been successfully connecting our guests (veterans and non-vets alike) with resources that can change their lives.  Our guests find the housing, jobs, and healthcare they need to permanent change their lives.

To help us continue this work, we have announced that our annual Sleepout For Homelessness will be held the night of February 22nd.  We’d love to have you join our sleeping team in honor of a veteran, or to make a financial gift to support the event today.

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