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Sponsor Our Wishlist

Connecting Chicago's most vulnerable with the resources they need to  pursue a better life requires a variety of different resources. The cost of some of our most frequently used items are listed below. 

Feed 1 Guest Once Per Week for A Month

Warm Gloves for 10 Guests

Deliver 1 Day of Foot Clinics

Warm Clothes for
10 Guests

Feed All Guests At One Meal

Support One Day of Health Checkups


Certify 6 Volunteers In Food Sanitation

We invite you to make a gift to our general fund by selecting a sponsorship level in the donation form below. 


Sponsorship gifts allow Care For Friends to provide these named products and servies, and a whole lot more.  In order to ensure that your gift has the greatest impact, it will be added to our General Fund. Your gift will not be restricted to the named sponsorship item, but will be applied wherever it is needed most. 

Note that the standard sponsorship gift is made on a monthly basis until you inform us otherwise. You can also make a one-time sponsorship gift by unchecking the "monthly donation" box.

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